Converter Technology

The USC Edge

Using premium catalyst technology for Three-Way Catalytic Converters and carefully engineered flow designs, our products have been tested to exceed EPA/Federal compliance requirements with a minimum safety factor 1.4 . You no longer have to yield performance for price-‘All USC Catalyst technologies have been engineered application-specific, which maximizes efficiency while minimizing product cost’. This allows customers to buy a premium product at a competitive cost. Continue to read below for a description of all our available technology


The true winner when it comes to application-specific catalyst design technologies. Catalysts using SuperTech will have 2.5X times the standard PGM loading levels used by our competitors for similar applications (by engine size and emissions tier) and is tested to survive EPA durability requirements by a safety factor of 1.75.


All our converters use PremTech catalysts by default. PremTech has been tested to surpass EPA performance and durability requirements with a safety factor of 1.4. Using USC's proprietary washcoat formulation and processing technique, the catalyst exceeds EPA requirements with large margins even after severe CARB recommended catalyst aging regimes.


Using USC's proprietary, optimized Mixed Oxides/PGM ratios ValTech maximizes the utilization efficiency by reactivating all PGM sites periodically to produce continued superior performance results after severe aging cycles. ValTech has been tested and certified to exceed EPA requirements and is the preferred choice of premium performance at a value cost.

All USC catalysts are EPA certified for performance and warranty requirements. Products include EPA warranty. Please contact your distributor or USC to learn more about Warranty information.